Full Metal Dojo 11 “Sweep all the legs” weigh in results



FMD11 Weigh-ins At The ClubHouse, Bangkok, 3 June 2016 


Jaktan “The Man” Tangjan, Hero Factory, Bangkok [Thailand] (0-3) – 61.2kg


Arthit “The Sun” Machungern, Kings of the Sun Team [Thailand] (0-1)  – 60.9kg


Wisava Kaweewarakorn, Maximum Fitness, Phuket [Thailand] (0-2 Pro, 5-0 Am) – 53.7kg


Weerayuth “Oak” Pinyoporn, Bangkok Fightlab [Thailand] (1-1 Pro, 5-2 Am)  – 53.7kg

Both fighters were overweight  and will fight at Catchweight.

Women’s Catchweight 

Sunisa Srisan, KOK Gym, Samut Prakarn [Thailand] (Debut)  – 50kg


Audrey Laura Boniface, Borneo Tribal Squad [Malaysia] (Debut)  – 48.5kg

Audrey, “My martial arts skills are largely striking based, with experience in Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Silat. However, I have been training under AJ for the past 2 years, honing my grappling skills.  I am excited to be representing Borneo a tribal Squad in my debut tomorrow. “


Phairin Sukkhamueang, Team Jomkwan, Bangkok [Thailand] (0-1) – 61.2kg


Jirawat Aunjai, Hero Factory, Bangkok [Thailand] (Debut) – 61.2kg


FX “Shuriken” Leal de la Torre, K1 Fight Factory, Phnom Penh [France] (Debut) – 70kg

FX, “I have been training very hard in the last few weeks preparing for this fight. I know my opponent is a good wrestler.  I am more confident in striking and am planning to make that difference in the cage with my striking skills.”


Trevor McKenzie, Phuket Top Team [USA] (Debut) – 70.3kg

Trevor, “I have been training in Thailand for only the last 2 months.  However, my martial arts training spanned 12 years and it was initially  largely wrestling-based.  I was actually getting ready for a boxing match before I was asked to fill in for a fighter who could not make his fight at Full Metal Dojo.  So I have been training literally for this fight only in the past 3 weeks.  I am aware my opponent is a very skilled striker.  I am however adaptive as a fighter and will look for his gaps the minute we meet in the cage. I will look for his weaknesses for sure.”  


Amr Elgohary, Bangkok Fightlab [Egypt] (1-0 Pro, 6-0 Am) – 77.1kg


Liam “Panda” Lockyer, Fighting Spirit, Bangkok [Australia] (2-0 Am) – 77.1kg


Thanongsaklek “Top Noi” Tiger MuayThai, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket [Thailand ] (0-1)  – 60.4kg

According to wrestling coach George Hickman, Top had recently been very inspired by the development of fighters like Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke and Shannon ‘One Shin’ Wiratchai who had recently fought at  ONE Championship in Bangkok. These fighters ignited his passion for MMA, and got him to work even harder on his training for his fight at Full Metal Dojo tomorrow. 


Sawich “Phetchsamut” Maruang [Thailand] (2-1 Am) – 62.4kg


Ali Motamed, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket [Iran] (8-1 Am) – 60.4kg


Toni Hitmanos, Phuket Top Team [Israel] (Debut, 7-1 Kickboxing Am, 2-1 Muay Thai) – 61kg

Toni, “I think my opponent and I are very well matched. He is a striker, with a lot of Muay Thai experience under his belt and I have heard he is very good with his kicks.  He may be a good technical fighter but my gameplan is going to be better.  I will ‘throw the best bombs’ every chance I get and will finish him because I am a more well-rounded fighter.  I am 99% confident that I will win my fight tomorrow.  Any fighter who comes into the cage without any confidence, might as well stay home and watch a fight on TV.”


Marcelo “The Latino” Tenorio, Muay Thai Academy, Bangkok [Brazil] (2-1) – 85.8kg


Askar “Jaguar” Mozharov, Combat 360, Khao Lak [Ukraine] (4-2) -83.3kg

This bout was originally slated to be a light heavyweight bout but the fight will continue at Catchweight as Marcelo did not make weight. 

Full Metal Dojo – Sweep All The Legs will take place on 4 June at the Insanity Nightclub on Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok.   For tickets, visit https://www.ticketmelon.com/event/fmd11