Michael Dubois confident on redemption at Full Metal Dojo 2

FMD 2's Michael Dubois
FMD 2’s Michael Dubois

French fighter Michael “Bad Boy” Dubois returns to the second Full Metal Dojo on August 23, 2014 against Trestle “Jun the Minion” Tan.

Dubois responded to a last minute call to participate at the inaugural Full Metal Dojo in June this year, and like a warrior, he showed up to face Finnish fighter Glenn “The Teddy Bear” Sparv, even without much preparation. In spite of an impressive start to the fight, he lost to Sparv when the latter took Dubois down and rained a series of powerful knees and elbows on him, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Although he considered Full Metal Dojo 1 as his most difficult fight experience, Dubois took it like a champ. In the spirit of true sportsmanship and with the conviction to win his upcoming fight at Full Metal Dojo 2 this Saturday on 23rd August against Filipino Tan, Dubois put in more than a month of hard training at Tiger Muay Thai, focusing a lot on strength and conditioning.

His confidence level, when I spoke to him was definitely high, believing that he would be coming out technically stronger and well-prepared for this weekend. When asked what his opinion of his Filipino opponent was, he joked, “I think he is courageous to go up against me.”

Dubois is not new to sticky situations in the cage. His last fight before coming to Thailand was at the Lyon Fighting Championship where he lost by submission to a rear naked choke meted by French fighter Yanis Chuerfa. He now makes Thailand his home in a bid to improve his game. If there is anything to be said about determination, he would personify it. After all, the mantra he governs his game with is to “always follow my dream and never allow anyone to tell me that I can’t do it”.

Dubois states that he loves his new home in Thailand and spends his spare time training with his girlfriend or taking his dog down to the beach. I remembered watching him saunter into the weigh-in at Full Metal Dojo 1 with a calm and composed demeanour in spite of not having trained enough for that fight. So, it will be exciting to see him saunter into the weigh-in at Full Metal Dojo 2, this time with an air of calm confidence, knowing that he had put in 100% into his training with the aim to conquer Tan.