Full Metal Dojo 3 weigh in results, quotes and photos, all fights on point for November 22

FMD 3, SingaporeMave.com
FMD 3, SingaporeMave.com

Full Metal Dojo 3 – No Sleep Till Bangkok will be held on 22 November, 2014 at Live House Studios, JJ Jatujak Green in Bangkok, Thailand. All fights are green lit for tomorrow’s event.


At the weigh ins, Jon Nutt, CEO of Full Metal Dojo, announced that he will be preparing for three events in the first half of 2015. He stated that FMD is committed to supporting other regional MMA organizations like Cage Warriors and Hybrid. Nutt promised to bring back fighters who participated in the initial FMD shows as he believes in the continuous development of these fighters. He also plans to take the show on the road internationally, exploring markets like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 2015, Nutt is planning to have the event on live broadcast.

As for the next event, Full Metal Dojo 4, will be held in the first or second week of February 2015 in Bangkok. It will be called “Once Upon A Time in Bangkok” and Nutt announced that he will himself be the main event. He will be fighting American fighter Musa “Mayday” Conteh who has a 0-1 pro record, like Nutt. This is possibly the only MMA promotion where the CEO will be fighting in his own promotion.


Quotes from today’s weigh ins:

Athit Majunung: “I may have a 50 – 50 chance of winning. I don’t know much about my opponent, his experience or how good he is but I’m confident that I will win.”

Nut: “I have been training for Full Metal Dojo 3 by running twice a day, doing more intense training in boxing, learning some ground skills and generally training harder than usual. I’m worried about this fight as is is my first pro MMA fight, but I will do my best. It is a good experience for me and I’m really happy to fight with a Thailand’s biggest MMA organization like Full Metal Dojo.”

Manachai Promsawad: “Every fighter has his strengths and weaknesses. I am not concerned about my opponent. In fact, i think the opponent isn’t important. How I perform on fight night is more important. Confidence can beat everything.”

Tanabadee: “As this is my first pro MMA fight, I have been training hard by doing full-on MMA training with my coach, Swedish fighter, Wiktor Svensson, simulating cage situations, and I intensified my BJJ and Muay Thai training during my fight camp.”

Supat Senapol: “I think my opponent is a good fighter as he will do his best to make an impression at his first appearance in the cage as a pro fighter, however I still think that with my experience, I may win. I’m thinking only about the victory.”

Susovan: “I am pretty much ready for this.”

Siwa: “Noom is good and he has a good defense but I think I will win. When I’m in the cage, I do my best to put up a good fight and defeat him.”


All photos by David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com

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Full Metal Dojo 3 weigh in results
November 21, 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

Amateur Fights

Bantamweight 135lbs / 61.2kgs
Ali Motamed (Tiger Muay Thai) – 61.7kg VS Cole Smith (Team Quest) – 61.4kg

Bantamweight 135lbs / 61.2kgs
Wazin “Jungle Boy” Hemhongsa (Souls of Siam) – 61.4kg. Vs Luu (Legacy Gym) – 60.2kg

Professional Fights

Strawweight 115lbs / 52.1kgs – Pro Debut
Athit “The Sun” Machungoen (Judo Dojo) – 51.6kg Vs Jhaymie Gayman (Fight Corps Philippines) – 52.6kg

Strawweight 115lbs / 52.1kgs – Pro Debut
Pongsiri “Piak” Mitsatit (2-0 Team Quest) -52.2kg. VS Payoongsak “Nut” Singchalad (Pro Debut – Shingi Dojo) – 52.2kg

Flyweight 125lbs / 56.7kg
Kritsada “Dream Man” Kongsrichai (1-0 Chumporn Wrestling and MMA) – 57kg Vs Manaschai “Lee.O” Promswad (0-1 RTech) – Did not pass by time of publication, match will still happen.

Flyweight 125lbs / 56.7kgs
Alex Schild (1-0 Tiger Muay Thai) – 56.9kg VS Susovan Ghosh (1-1 Evolution MMA India) – 56.5kg

Bantamweight 135lbs /61.2kg

Emilio Urratia.(America – Juggernaut Fight Club/ Tiger Muay Thai) – 62.1kg Vs Uloomi Kareem Hashim (Pakistan – Team Fight Fortress ) – 62.1kg

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.7kgs
Sor Sey ( Cambodia – A Fighter) – 64.1kg. vs Komrid Hambenjapong (Thailand – Raw Bangkok) – 65.1kg

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.7kgs
Tanabadee “Ninjaman” Supparukephusakun (Pro Debut Krabi Martial Arts) – 65.4kg Vs Supat “Nut” Senapol (0-1 Spiritual Warrior) – 65.5kg

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.7kgs
Siwa “Mike” Konthieng (2-1 Lanna MMA) – 64.9kg Vs Chatmongkhon “Noom” Simma (3-3 Legacy Gym) – 64kg

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.7kgs
Hisyam Sams (Malaysia – Pro Debut Borneo Tribal Squad) – 65.1kg. VS Thossawat Akkhanithin (thailand) – 64.2kg

Lightweight 155lbs / 70.3kgs
Youssef Wehbe (Lebanon – Pro Debut Phuket Top Team) – 72.2kg. Vs. Dimitri Homjakovs (Sweden – 2-0 Legacy Gym) – 71.4kg

Catchweight at 163.1lbs / 74kg
Dylan “The Muscle” Fussell (America – 2-1 Team Quest) – 74kgm VS Baz Mohammad Mubariz (Afghanistan – 4-2 Diesel Diva/Phuket Top Team) – 74.5kg