Full Metal Dojo 5 live results from Thailand



Full Metal Dojo 5
Full Metal Dojo 5

Full Metal Dojo 5 is taking place at JJ Green in Bangkok, Thailand this May 9, 2015. Homegrown Thai MMA talents will make their mark across several divisions.

Here are the lives results.

Full Metal Dojo 5
May 9, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

#1 – Flyweight 56.7kg
New Petchdam (MMA record 0-0). ( Muay Thai record 134-48-2) – 52.8kg
Veerayuth “Oak” Priyoporn (MMA record 4-2) – 56.7kg

Fight 1 : Flyweight

First fight of the evening is a flyweight bout between New Petchdam fighting out of Surin and Veerayuth “Oak” Pinyoporn fighting out of Fightlab / EMAC MMA. The fight kicked off with an exchange of kicks, with Oak slipping accidentally while executing a 3rd kick. Punches were exchanged thereafter and Oak saw his chance for a takedown, followed by some ground and pound action, and dealt a victory against New Petchdam via TKO/strikes at 1.31min at round 1.
Not a bad performance for Oak’s first fight.

#2 – Bantamweight 61.2kg. (Tournament format)
B – Yodkaikaew from Fairtex (Mma record 1-0) (Muay Thai record 50-10) – 60.8kg

A – Pinai Nuisorn from Chumpon MMA – 61.2kg
A – Wiroj Wannrum (MMA record 6-3-3) – 61. 2kg

Second fight of the evening is a Bantamweight bout between Pinuy Nuison from Chumpon MMA who makes his debut in MMA and Wiroj Wannrum with an MMA record of 6-3-3 fighting out of Spiritual Warrior in Bangkok.

Pinuy played an aggressive game and did not waste time executing a takedown flawlessly. However, Wiroj managed to take control by getting on top, and landed body shots at him. Just as Pinuy was regaining position on top of Wiroj, the bell rang to end round 1.

In the second round, Pinuy dealt a knee followed by a punch. Wiroj gestured at Pinuy to taunt him, and got him in a takedown. He then rained punches at him before round 2 ended.

In the final round, Pinuy got more aggressive with a punch and a kick. Wiroj was by now gassing out and Pinuy sweeped his foot to trip Wiroj to the ground. However the former invited Wiroj to get off the ground, and the fight ensued with more exchanges of punches. Round 3 got predictably boring with punches that lack power, when both fighters were obviously exhausted.

This continued till the end of round 3 when Wiroj was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

#3B Featherweight 65.8 kg. (Tournament format)
A – Bird Kanto, Chumpon MMA – 63.5kg
A – Jinawat – 65.8 kg

4th fight is between Bird Kanto, a bare knuckle fighter from spiritual warrior and Jirwat.

The fight started with an immediate takedown executed by Bird Kanto. The game was mostly played on the ground with the round completed with Jirwat winning via rear naked choke at 2.52m

#3A – Ness, Team AKA Raging bull – 65.8kg
B – Ruffino – TBA

Fight 3: Featherweight

Third fight of the evening is last minute entrant, Rufino from the Philipines who fights on behalf of Legacy Gym and Ness from Raging Bull and Boxer Rebellion MMA. Ness does not have a Muay Thai background. his martial arts base is Judo, whereas Rufino is a professional boxer. This fight is an interesting one to watch not only because of the different martial arts skills that the fighters bring to the cage but also because of their different nationalities, This Filipino vs Thai bout drew cheers from the Thai audience who were in full support for Ness.

While Ness kicked off the fight with punches, Rufino responded with a takedown and executed his ground game quite flawlessly. He was in dominant position throughout while on the ground. Midway through the round, Ness turned him over, and dealt a series of punches for only a short while before Rufino took control again and retained dominant position till the end of round 1. This was a very exciting fight by 2 fighters with excellent though different skills.

The second round saw an exchange of kicks. Ness missed a kick and fell, giving Rufino a chance to execute a takedown but Ness took control quickly and went on top, raining punches at him. Ness put up an aggressive play throughout this round. Even when Ness stood up, he continued to punch Rufino while the latter was in the ground. However Rufino stood up and decided to leverage his skills and experience as a boxer to deal basic 1-2 blows at Ness till the end of round 2.

In round 3, Ness tried to display some aggression with his boxing skills against Rufino but Rufino’s experience and skills as a boxer shone through, helping him win this round in 30sec of round 3 via strike/body shot.

#4A– Lightweight 70.3kg. (Tournament format)
A – Chachawai Sungul, Team Quest. – 69.7kg
A – Nathatorn Tampiyanan, Shingi Dojo. – 69.4kg

Chachawai Sungul from Spiritual Warrior and Nathatorn Tampiyanan from Shingi Dojo. The fight started with a flying kick from Nathatorn but Chachawai took advantage of that missed kick by getting his opponent into a takedown, but not for long,

When they both stood up, Chachawai dealt a back kick against Nathatorn but Nathatorn tried to get him into a other takedown and then dealt some blows at Chachawai before the end of round 1. However Chachawai seemed to have gotten a shoulder injury through Nathatorn’s punches just as the bell rang and Nathatorn was declared the winner when the former could not respond to the referee’ s call to get up hence the fight could not continue through to the next round.

#4B- Lightweight 70.3kg. (Tournament format)
Hafizul Hakim, Team Karabaw in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. – 70.3kg

#5 Exhibition

Fight 6: Bantamweight

The sixth fight is an exhibition fight that was added at the last minute. This fight is based on unified rules with no soccer kicks to the head used. This is a bantamweight bout between Kritsada “Dream Man” Kongsrichai from Chumpon MMA who is a Thai national team wrestler and his opponent Doc.

Dream Man started the fight with a display of his grappling skills and got Doc into a takedown. When Doc stood up in defense, Dream Man had him in another 2 takedown attempts. Dream Man’s put his wrestling skills to good use by throwing Doc down repeatedly throughout this round. While on the ground, Dream Man remained dominant and continued to pin Doc down and dealing occasional knees against his side, till the end of the first round.

In round 2, Dream Man again wasted no time with a takedown followed by some ground and pound action. When he got stood up, he carried Doc and threw him down in a classic wrestling move yet again, followed by kicks to the side of Doc’s body. In the final takedown, Dream Man rained punches at Doc while on top of him till referee stopped the fight. Dream Man won in the second round via TKO/body blows at 2.37min.

#5 Bantamweight Final – Winner A vs B

Fight 7: Bantamweight

As the bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight amateur bouts Full Metal Dojo 5 are in tournament format, the seventh fight of the evening saw the winner of the initial Bantamweight fight, Wiroj Wannrum from Spiritual Warrior, fighting against Yodkaikaew from Fairtex.

Yodkaikaew started the fight and ended it in 4 sec with an illegal knee to the chin against Wiroj almost immediately which saw the latter remain on the mat injured. The referee called for a stoppage and disqualification of Yodkaikaew. Wiroj was declared winner of the Bantamweight fight.

#6 Featherweight Final – Winner A vs Winner B
Fight 8: Featherweight

The eighth fight is a featherweight bout between Filipino amateur fighter Rufino, fighting for Legacy Gym and Jirwat. Again, the Filipino versus Thai rivalry drew the crowd to their feet.
Jirwat started the fight with a series of powerful front kicks that surprised Rufino and then got the latter into a takedown. Jirwat was the more aggressive fighter in this round and attempted a few more takedowns. Knowing that Rufino’s base skills is in boxing, Jirwat was more keen to play his game on the ground throughout this fight.

In round 2, Rufino had to fend off powerful kicks from Jirwat again and as he tried to defend himself from these kicks, Jirwat went for that predictable takedown. Even when Rufino attempted to defend himself from repeated takedowns, each time, Jirwat effortlessly got his opponent onto the ground and remained pinned on top of Rufino right through to the end of the round.

In the final round, Rufino looked obviously exhausted. Jirwat again, went for another takedown, taking advantage of the gassed out Rufino. Rufino did put up a strong defense with his attempts to turn the game over, but each time, Jirwat’s ground skills proved to be too powerful for Rufino to defend effectively. An illegal low blow against Jirwat saw the referee stop the fight for awhile. When the fight ensued, Rufino missed a left and right hook combo and Jirwat took the opportunity to get him into another takedown to end round 3. Jirwat won the bout via unanimous decision.

# 7 Lightweight – Winner A vs B

Fight 9: Lightweight

The ninth fight of the evening is a lightweight bout between last minute entrant, Malaysian amateur fighter, Hafizul Hakim fighting out of Team Karabaw Sabah, Borneo and Thai amateur fighter Nathatorn Tampiyanan fighting out of Shingi Dojo.

Hafizul was the more aggressive fighter and started the fight with a series of punches against Nathatorn which saw the latter falling to the ground. Hafizul then took the opportunity to pin himself on top of Nathatorn and then rained punches at him. However, Nathatorn soon turned the game over and dealt a series of punches at Hafizul’s face and body. Hafizul turned the game around again and got on top, ending round 1 after some ground and pin action.

In the second round, Hafizul went in for another takedown but Nathatorn soon took control and won the fight via submission/guillotine choke in 36sec of this round. This was a surprise to the audience who saw Hafizul dominating the fight throughout.

#8 Catchweight 53.5kg (3 x 5 min rounds, elbows, knees and soccer kicks to the head allowed)
Pongsiri “Piak” Mitsatit from Team Quest in Chiang Mai (MMA record 3-0) – 52.3kg
Nattapong “Shazam” Limpwattanachai from Team Jomkwan (MMA Record 4-2) – 53. 5kg

Fight 10 – Pro fight 1 using global rules set

Tenth fight of the evening is a professional catchweight bout between Pongsiri “Piak” Mitsatitt with pro record of 3 wins and no losses from Team Quest Chiang Mai and Nattapong “Shazam” Limpwattanachai with pro record of 4-2 from Team Jomkwan.

Nattapong started the fight with a failed attempt at a takedown, but was successful in his second attempt. After that, we saw a superb display of ground skills as he poised himself to get Pongsiri into a rear naked choke but failed. When Pongsiri stood up, he dealt a series of soccer kicks at Nattapong when the latter was on the ground.

The referee then got Nattapong to get up and he wasted no time to get Pongsiri in yet another takedown but Pongsiri put up a good defense and remained on top, landing a series of powerful punches against Nattapong till referee stopped the fight. Pongsiri won this fight via TKO/strikes at 3.31min in this round.

#9 Heavyweight
Jon Nutt. (0-1) – 110kg
Dana Boulin (2-1) – 120kg

This main event is a heavyweight bout between the show promoter Jon Nutt and referee Dana Blouin. Just before the fight, Dana joked, “If you want to take a photo of the fight, you’ve got to be quick because it will be over very quickly.”

Jon started the fight with a low kick and a punch. Dana was decidedly careless at the outset. Jon got him on the ground and positioned to dominate him but the referee got both to stand up. So Jon ended the fight with a punch to Dana’s face and won the fight via 1 min 9 sec of round 1. Well, Dana was right. That was very quick.