Full Metal Dojo 5 weigh in results for Thailand Tournament event



FMD 6 Pongsiri Mitsatit vs Nattapong Limpwattanachai
FMD 6 Pongsiri Mitsatit vs Nattapong Limpwattanachai, courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com

Full Metal Dojo 5 Weigh Ins took place at the Australian Pub and BBQ in Bangkok, Thailand on May 8, 2015.

FMD boss Jon Nutt kicked off the event by reminding the audience that many Thai fighters have extensive fight experience in Muay Thai, but as far as MMA is concerned, they are amateur fighters.

“These are the fighters I am targeting to develop their experience in MMA so that I could help them transition to the next level of their MMA career. This is the main purpose of Full Metal Dojo.”

To reiterate the point, Jon cited flyweight rookie New Petchdam who debuts his MMA fight with Full Metal Dojo. Jon said,

“I signed him [Petchdam] up to fight because he is an amateur MMA fighter, in spite of the fact that he has an extensive 134-48-2 record in Muay Thai.”

In regards to furthering all crossover fighters into MMA, Jon said,

“Tomorrow, there will be a Filipino fighter, Ruffino, who is a professional boxer with 23 wins and 1 loss, but he is still an amateur fighter in MMA.”

First fight will be at flyweight, then the bantamweight tournament opening match will be between Pinai and Wiroj. The winner will then go on to fight Yodkaikaew. The first bout will restrict use of elbows and knees to the head. In the second bout elbows and knees to the head will be allowed.

This is Yodkaikaew’s debut fight at FMD; before he fought at “War in the Cage”. Of his extensive Muay Thai experience he said,

“From my Muay Thai experience, my biggest strength I bring to the cage is my striking and elbows. However, I have been putting in a lot of effort training in my grappling too, although at this stage I think I’m still at a moderate level. I’m confident in this fight though, and I’ll give 100% to it.”

Featherweight Tournament

The featherweight tournament goes next and there’s a new entrant, Ruffino, from the Philippines. His flight was delayed until early morning tomorrow, and he will be allowed to weigh in then.

The fighters drew lots from a hat to ascertain who their opponents would be. The first fight is between Bird and Jinawat. The second bout will be between Ness and Ruffino.

In the lightweight tournament, One of the fighters didn’t make weight and had to pull out and that’s Natchayangkul. He initially fought cutting from 84kg.

Therefore, the first bout will be between Nathatorn and Chachawai. The winner will go on to fight Hafizul. And he is the wild card entrant. Haziful said,

“I took on this fight at the last minute because I saw that my weight was not too far off and there was not much more to cut. My goal for this fight is to give me more experience in the cage. However my ultimate goal eventually for my career is to fight for ONE Championship. I am confident about winning this fight in spite of stepping up at the last minute. The biggest strength that will pull me through this is my ground skills.”

Piak vs Nattapong

As the defacto Thai main event, there will be a catchweight 53.5kg match between Thai prospects
Pongsiri Mitsatit and Nattapong Limpwattanachai.

Pongsiri is no stranger to Full Metal Dojo, having fought at the event before. Of his MMA career he said,

“With more experience it gets easier than the last time, and I am very confident. I really enjoy fighting more than anything. I fought Muay Thai last month and have been keeping myself really active and agile in preparation for this fight.”

Pongsiri has more than 60 Muay Thai fights under his belt. Dylan Fussel, who coaches him out of Team Quest Thailand, has been honing his grappling skills and affirmed that “Piak’s” grappling skills have undergone a tremendous transformation since he first arrived at the gym.

Nattapong will be fighting at Full Metal Dojo for the first time. His background is in his ground game and judo, which he started trainingfrom his stint in the Thai army. He confirmed,

“My biggest strength is in my ground skills, although it seems quite rare for a Thai fighter to have a stronger base in grappling rather than striking.”

When asked about how he felt about his opponent, Nattapong said,

“Piak is very fearsome and dedicated. He works hard and is very focused since he is very young and enthusiastic. I have a lot of respect for Piak. However, my focus is not on winning or losing but on giving my full potential. My next goal is to start an MMA gym and to teach others without charging because I learned my skills for free. So this is my way of giving back.”

FMD 6 Jon Nutt vs Dana Boulin
FMD 6 Jon Nutt vs Dana Boulin, courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com


Full Metal Dojo’s founder Jon Nutt will face referee will jump in the cage to take on referee Dana Boulin for the final fight of the night.

Jon will be one of the few promoter-slash-cage announcers who’s ever fought on his own event. Dana is a regional MMA referee. At their weigh-in, both fighters drew cheers from the crowd as they both promised the audience a fight that was going to be fun and entertaining.

Jon Nutt jokingly replied when asked how his weight cut was going,

“I have cut all the weight I can cut I think. I just hope to put on a good show and entertain the crowd.”

Dana’s last fight was about a decade ago. He commented,

“I feel good and I know it’s going to be lots of fun. Jon and I are very close. We work together and we hang out together. We are like school kids picking up a basketball and shooting hoops. So why can’t we punch each other in the face? It’s almost the same principle. We just want to have fun in the cage together.”

When asked about any weight cut he needed to do, Dana replied

“What weight cut? He’s a fat guy, I am a fat guy, and we are fighting heavy weight. No weight cut needed. We’ll just get fat together.”

Full Metal Dojo 5 will take place on Saturday, 9 May, 2015 at the LiveHouse on Jatujak Green. For more information, do visit https://www.facebook.com/fullmetaldojo


Full Metal Dojo 5
May 9, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

#1 – Flyweight 56.7kg
New Petchdam (MMA record 0-0). ( Muay Thai record 134-48-2) – 52.8kg
Veerayuth “Oak” Priyoporn (MMA record 4-2) – 56.7kg

#2 – Bantamweight 61.2kg. (Tournament format)
B – Yodkaikaew from Fairtex (Mma record 1-0) (Muay Thai record 50-10) – 60.8kg
A – Pinai Nuisorn from Chumpon MMA – 61.2kg
A – Wiroj Wannrum (MMA record 6-3-3) – 61. 2kg

#3 Featherweight 65.8 kg. (Tournament format)
A – Bird Kanto, Chumpon MMA – 63.5kg
A – Jinawat – 65.8 kg
B – Ness, Team AKA Raging bull – 65.8kg
B – Ruffino – TBA

#4 – Lightweight 70.3kg. (Tournament format)
A – Chachawai Sungul, Team Quest. – 69.7kg
A – Nathatorn Tampiyanan, Shingi Dojo. – 69.4kg
B- Hafizul Hakim, Team Karabaw in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. – 70.3kg

#5 Bantamweight Final – Winner A vs B

#6 Featherweight Final – Winner A vs Winner B

# 7 Lightweight – Winner A vs B

#8 Catchweight 53.5kg (3 x 5 min rounds, elbows, knees and soccer kicks to the head allowed)
Pongsiri “Piak” Mitsatit from Team Quest in Chiang Mai (MMA record 3-0) – 52.3kg
Nattapong “Shazam” Limpwattanachai from Team Jomkwan (MMA Record 4-2) – 53. 5kg

#9 Heavyweight
Jon Nutt. (0-1) – 110kg
Dana Boulin (2-1) – 120kg