Full Metal Dojo 8 Weigh Ins


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Full Metal Dojo 8 Weigh-in at Hooters Phuket 9 Jan 2016

Strawweight 115lbs / 52.2kg 

Haider Farman (Pakistan). Representing Combat 360, Khao Lak & Fight Fortress MMA. 

Weighed in at 52.9kg


Witsanu Pimpa. (Thailand). Representing  Amazing MuayThai Gym, Hua Hin.

Weighed in at 55kg

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.8kg 

George Farrow (Thailand). Representing Maximum Gym, Phuket.

Weighed in at 65.2kg

Farrow said, “Preparation for my fight had been going well and I am fully ready to kick some ass tomorrow. I am more comfortable fighting on the ground, while my opponent is possibly a stronger fighter standing up.  However I think I will finish the fight tomorrow by submitting him.”


Komon Ninin ‘Jom Tap’ (Thailand). Representing Jomwkan Gym, Bangkok.

Weighed in at 64.9kg

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.8kg 

Christian Tremayne (Canada). Representing Team Quest, Chiang Mai.

Weighed in at 67.8kg 

Tremayne said,” I had a great 6 -week training camp and am ready to make my pro-MMA debut tomorrow.  Being stronger on the ground, I am highly confident that  I will finish via submission tomorrow.”


Amr Maher (Egypt). Representing  Fightzone Boxing Academy, Egypt.

Weighed in at 67.2kg 

Both fighters were overweight but Full Metal Dojo, together with the fighters, have agreed to allow the fight to continue at Catchweight.

Female Catchweight 121.3lbs / 55kg

Vy Srey Khouch (Cambodia). Representing Selapak Gym, Cambodia. 

Weighed in at 57.2kg. As she was overweight, the officials  would be giving her 3 hours to meet the required weight.


Aiyada Verpoest (Thailand).  Representing Bangkok Fightlab.

Weighed in at 54.8kg

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.8kg  

Atipong Nuiaiad ‘Singh Noi’ (Thailand). Representing Lion Muay Thai, Phuket.

Weighed in at 65.8kg


Supachai Sungpasert ‘Birdy Tor Buawmas’ (Thailand).  Representing Amazing Muay Thai Gym, Hua Hin.

Weighed in at 66.2kg

Welterweight 170lbs / 77.1. kg

Youssef Wehbe ‘The Silverback’ (Lebanon). Representing Phuket Top Team. 

Weighed in at 77.4kg

Wehbe said, “I have been putting in a lot of effort in my training. I know my opponent is more of a stand up fighter but I have been developing my skills to ensure that I fight as a more well rounded fighter.  I aim to win this tomorrow.”


Carlos Prates (Brazil). Representing  Phuket Fight Club

Weighed in at 77.4kg

Heavyweight 265lbs / 120.2kg

Andrzej Kulik (Poland). Representing For Fit, Poland.

Weighed in at 117.9kg


Masoud Ranjabar (Iran). Representing AKA Thailand, Phuket.

Weighed in at 114kg

Bantamweight 135lbs / 61.2kg

Jayson Margallo (Philippines).  Representing G.O.A.T Locker Gym, Philippines.

Weighed in at 60.7kg


Yodkaikaew Fairtex ‘Y2K’ (Thailand). Representing Fairtex Gym, Pattaya.

Weighed in at 60.7kg

Main event : Catchweight 165.3lbs / 75kg

Michal Vostry (Czech Republic). Representing Legacy Gym, Ubon Ratchathani.

Weighed in at 74.9kg

Vostry said, “in Asia, It is difficult to get a good opponent but with the opportunity to fight someone of Will’s calibre and experience, I am happy and proud to accept this fight. I am a good wrestler so my strength is definitely in my ground game. However, you know, in a fight, anything can happen. I look forward to fighting with Will tomorrow, and then meeting him at the gym in future for casual sparring sessions to continuously hone my skills. I am a true believer in sportsmanship. This is just a sport.  Within the cage, we are fighters.  Beyond the cage, we will be friends.”


Will Chope ‘The Kill’ (USA) (28-9, former UFC fighter) Juggernaut Fight Club, Singapore and Combat 360 Phuket.

Weighed in at 74.6kg

Chope said, “I am excited to fight at Full Metal Dojo.  As I am based in Thailand now, I am really happy to be given the opportunity to fight at an established Thai MMA event.  Full Metal Dojo has been doing so much good for the Thai MMA scene and I am glad to be part of it. I was suppose to fight Michal in India but that fight didn’t happen, so this is an opportunity to finish what I came to do.”

Full Metal Dojo returns to Seduction Club in Phuket, Thailand on Sunday 10 January 2016. For more details, email fullmetaldojo@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1245055028854585/