Full Metal Dojo 6 heralds in a new era of rapid MMA events for Thailand



FMD boss Jon Nutt
FMD boss Jon Nutt, courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com

Full Metal Dojo held a press conference for their sixth event at the Movenpick Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand on 20 August 2015.

Jon Nutt, CEO of Full Metal Dojo announced that he was pleased to bring the 6th instalment of Full Metal Dojo 6 to the Insanity Night Club at Sukhumvit, Bangkok on Saturday, 22nd August. He affirmed that he would be maintaining the ratio of 60% Thai fighters to 40% foreign fighters as the main purpose of his promotion is to provide a platform for amateur fighters to better their skills and experience and to help facilitate their transition to become professional MMA fighters.

Nutt plans to have the 7th instalment of Full Metal Dojo, its first live-streamed show, held back at the original venue of Livehouse, on Jatujak Green, on 31 October to coincide with its Halloween celebrations. After which Full Metal Dojo’s 8th event will move back to Phuket on 12 December. Nutt plans on creating a bigger event in Phuket, and feels excited that the event might see some healthy competition between the bigger players there from Tiger Muay Thai, AKA Thailand and other local gyms. He is also working on possibly taking Full Metal Dojo to Kuala Lumpur or Cambodia in the near future.

On the topic of championship belts, Nutt said that he had given it a lot of thought and felt that Full Metal Dojo as a promotion had not yet grown enough to pay its fighters the way bigger organisations could. So, instead of a championship belt, he would be presenting a Katana of Japanese sword to the first bantamweight champion on 22 August at Full Metal Dojo 6, who would then go on to fight another contender on 31 October. A featherweight Katana would be given out to the first featherweight champion then as well.

Jon reiterated that with his introduction of the first Full Metal Dojo champions, these fighters could have an opportunity to fight at larger promotions on an international scale in the future.

Still on the subject of developing amateur combat sports, Nutt also announced that Full Metal Dojo would be working with Bangkok Fight Lab to organise smaller events with the purpose of building confidence and skills amongst amateur fighters. Jon said that the events he was planning with Bangkok Fight Lab would be much like a “Bangkok Beatdown” type of event, with amateur MMA and white collar boxing fights planned.

Ticketing information for Full Metal Dojo 6 can be found here: http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/sport/fmd6-for-those-about-to-rock-2015-en.html