Teerayut Kawrat “Saksurin”, former Rajdamnern and Omnoi Champ makes MMA debut



FMD 6 Jon Nutt and Saksurin
FMD 6 Jon Nutt and Saksurin, courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com

Former Rajadamnern and Omnoi champion, Teerayut Kawrat or “Saksurin”, makes his pro debut at the 6th instalment of Full Metal Dojo on Saturday 22nd August, 2015 off the back of his stunning Muay Thai career of 240 wins.

Saksurin is known for his strong clinch and has been training at Tiger Muay Thai under Roger Huerta and George Hickman. He will face Veerayuth “Yut” Uttapan (1-0) who is a submission specialist from Team Raw Bangkok.

Saksurin is a well-decorated Muay Thai expert with a record of 240-98-2 at a young age of 26. A trainer himself at Tiger Muay Thai, he spends his free time observing the drills at BJJ and wrestling classes which contributed to his enthusiasm in wanting to transition from Muay Thai to MMA.

Saksurin said that he learnt Muay Thai since he was a very young boy and grew up with the principle that a Muay Thai fighter should step back when his opponent was on the ground. This was his biggest obstacle in managing his mindset change with the transition to MMA, but with the last few months of training he had, he said that he was now ready to chase his opponent down and finish the fight.

Saksurin’s warrior spirit has been very much embedded in his philosophy to help condition his mental state as he prepares to face his opponent this Saturday. He said that if a fighter is scared then he should not fight. It is not about how good the fighter is, or how much knowledge and skill he has gained, ultimately when two contenders meet inside the cage, the years of training did not matter. It was just between the two fighters to manoeuvre their respective fights as intelligently as possible.

Saksurin’s wrestling coach George Hickman commented, “Before Saksurin started training, he sat and watched others train. He always brought a smile to the gym and we all knew he was having fun, enjoying the sport as much as he was learning the moves mentally. He is an intelligent fighter and he could visualise the moves and try it out successfully for the first time. I would say that he could pick knowledge up quickly due to his years training as a fighter. His wrestling is definitely very good for someone who had just trained in ground skills only for the last few months. He is very good with his Muay Thai clinch and has integrated that with wrestling, and made it into his own fight style. He is an efficient fighter and good at defending takedowns. His background in Muay Thai has definitely made him a better fighter.”

Alex Schild, who has also been training with Saksurin, added, “He is such an easy guy to train because he learns fast and he is so determined to get it right from the very beginning. He always tries very hard to leave no room for mistakes. At only 26 years old, his fight experience compared to most MMA debutantes is commendable.”

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