Susovan Ghosh will show FMD 3 fans that “I strike like Chuck Norris and grapple like Steven Segal”

FMD 3 Susovan Ghosh, courtesy
FMD 3 Susovan Ghosh, courtesy

Full Metal Dojo 3 takes place on 22 November, 2014 in Bangkok Thailand. On the multinational card, representing India, is Susovan Ghosh of Bengal.


Ghosh (1-1) is slated to fight Alex Schild who is coming off a win in his first pro fight. Susovan lost his first pro fight against Singaporean Radeem Rahman at ONE FC in 2001. That defeat saw him embark on a long break of three years before he stepped back into the cage again in June 2014 at Ultimate Beatdown in Johor, Malaysia. The break had helped; he defeated Ngeoh Jian Cong via decision.

Susovan’s next match will be his first fight at FMD, which he acknowledged might be a different environment than he’s used to; the audience sits right up against the cage which can create pressure. His opponent has already had that experience in fighting at FMD.

Susovan is unfazed and sees the opportunity to hone his skills, pumped from his win in his last fight. Originally from Kolkata, he is now living in Mumbai and fights out of Evolution Combat Sports Academy.


Asia MMA: What inspired your martial arts journey?

Ghosh: Chuck Norris in Walker Texas Ranger of course! Oh, and Steven Segal. One cannot forget Steven Segal. It was because of these two stars, that I wanted to pick up martial arts when I was younger. Do you know, MMA epitomizes Bruce Lee’s statement “absorb what is useful”? I like the fact that one needs to dabble in multiple martial arts disciplines, be flexible, and keep an open mind in order to be a good MMA fighter.

Asia MMA: Can you describe the MMA scene in India?

Ghosh: MMA in India is still in its nascent stage. There have been a few pro-MMA shows and celebrities have shown interest in MMA but due to various management issues, it never really picked up the way it should. Where I come from, people are slowly getting more aware about MMA and the scene is improving, albeit very slowly.

Asia MMA: What martial art did you start studying in, and how did it evolve into MMA?

Ghosh: I started off with karate and moved to MMA after realizing the effectiveness of MMA training in creating truly competent and complete fighters. The sport is a thinking sport. It makes you think of the right skills you would need to use to respond to your opponent’s moves. My training evolved in the way it has taught me to be adaptable and to respond as quickly and deftly as I can. So whether I fight best on the ground or standing up, is irrelevant if I cannot make full use of what I have been training in to respond to specific situations I’d be presented with in the cage.

Asia MMA: What inspired you to become a professional MMA fighter?

Ghosh: I became a pro fighter because I love competing. I wanted to test what I have learnt in a high-pressure environment. Every fight opportunity presents me with the potential to grow and learn from it because of the intense pressure at that moment. When you are within the cage with your opponent, and that cage door is locked behind you, it is just you and him and whatever you had learnt to respond to his every move. That is a test of my skills and experience. No one fighter fights the same way.


” I am very relentless in pursuing my dreams and ambitions.”


Asia MMA: Are you a better striker or grappler?

Ghosh: [laughs] As you can make out from my first answer, I strike like Chuck Norris and grapple like Steven Segal. So watch out for some wrist locks!

Asia MMA: What are your thoughts about your upcoming opponent, Alex Schild?

Ghosh: I do not know much about him except that he trains at Tiger Muay Thai and I am sure he does not know much about me too. That makes it interesting, doesn’t it? I usually do not focus on studying my opponents. As one of my coaches, Andy Wang, always said, “If you are going into the cage watching his previous fights, you assume he has not improved.” I train to always be the best fighter that I can be.

Asia MMA: How confident are you going into your third fight?

Ghosh: I am confident that I am a much better fighter then I was in my last fight. As a team, we do not focus on wins or losses as long as we are satisfied that we have done everything we could have to prepare for the fight.

Asia MMA: Can you describe your training regimen?

Ghosh: I try and train 10 to 12 times a week depending on my recovery and areas of improvement required. These sessions are split into grappling and striking sessions. My coaches and my team are doing everything to ensure that they get me ready to step into the cage to score my second victory.

Asia MMA: What are you doing specifically in your diet?

Ghosh: Nothing special. Weight cut is not a concern for me so I am just eating clean and staying very well hydrated and keeping my weight up.

Asia MMA: Beyond FMD 3, what are your career ambitions?

Ghosh: I do not just train for a fight. I train to be a better martial artist. So my goal is to keep learning, training and improving as a martial artist irrespective of upcoming fights.

Asia MMA: When you are not training, what are your interests?

Ghosh: I love travelling, reading and watching movies when I am not training. Some “me” time is always good.

Asia MMA: What are your strengths inside and outside the cage?

Ghosh: My biggest strengths are my calmness and my composure. I am a very calm person under most circumstances. Like my fight name ‘Mr Relentless’ suggests, I am very relentless in pursuing my dreams and ambitions.