“Tiger Muay Thai + MMA”‘s Will Elliot on developing MMA in the region



Tiger Muay Thai and MMA is one of the longest running training camps in Phuket, Thailand with a clientelle that stretches from the average weekend warrior to full-time fighters doing their prep camps ahead of scheduled bouts. Then there are the coaches in residence like Roger Huerta and Brian Ebersole who garner international attention and raise the bar for the MMA program. Aside from an impressive facility, Tiger even boasts their own restaurant and super-chef.

Will Elliott, the Director of Tiger, was recently on hand at the Malaysian Invasion MMA Finals. MMA-in-ASIA interviewed him prior to the event, but the recording was lost in a computer crash and only recently recovered. So, while the MIMMA finals are now a part of history, what Will and Tiger accomplished in supporting the amateur promotion will be a lasting contribution. Tiger has some exciting new updates in the works, and Will speaks about those in the interview as well.