Trestle Tan excited for another worthy experience at Full Metal Dojo 2



An up and coming fighter to watch is Filipino Trestle “Jun the Minion” Tan. He fights at Full Metal Dojo 2 on August 23, 2014 in Phuket Thailand.


With a 2-2 fight record, I last watched him at Ultimate Beatdown in June this year, in Johor, Malaysia where he now lives. At that event, he clearly demonstrated excellent submission defense skills and defeated his opponent, Singaporean fighter Mahmoud “Armageddon” Kamal with a TKO.

The very affable Tan admitted that he started his MMA career quite late in 2012. However, he trusted his coaches Kim Lee Tan from REPS fitness and Melvin Yeoh from Ultimate MMA Academy in Johor to develop him into a well-rounded fighter. He credited his strength to his flexibility as a fighter and quickness to respond to any situation thrown at him within the cage. Very humbly, Tan said that every fight and every opponent is a worthy experience that would continuously be part of his growth and development as a good fighter.

When asked about his opinion of his opponent, Canadian fighter Michael “Bad Boy” Dubois at Full Metal Dojo 2 this Saturday on 23rd August, his humility made me smile as he said, “Oh he looks really tough. I had better train some more.”

Tan was clearly looking forward to Full Metal Dojo 2 when I spoke to him. While he knows that that fight would not be a walk in the park as Dubois would be licking his wounds from his last fight to train even harder, Tan felt that there could not be a more difficult fight than his first one when he was inexperienced and felt so lost in the ring.

Again, his humility shone here when he said, “I never expected to reach this level in the sport and I am just so happy to be here. I had zero background in martial arts and had to start from scratch to learn to fight. However, I told myself that if I trusted in me and not give up, I can do it. A win or a loss is immaterial. The experience I get is most important.”

When Tan is not busy training, he spends his time watching martial arts–related movies and enjoying the camaraderie with his fellow fighters in Malaysia.