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Ayaka Miura vs Mallory Martin set for Pancrase 301

Pancrase's cooperation with all-female promoter Invicta FC has yielded Mallory Martin versus Ayaka Miura at Pancrase 301 on 25 November.

Taichi Nakajima triumphs at Pancrase 299, Neoblood Tournament results

At Pancrase 299, Taichi Nakajima made a successful return to fighting in Japan, and three divisions of Neoblood Tournaments crowned the winners. In the main...

Flyweight King of Pancrase Senzo Ikeda defends his crown

Pancrase 293 took place on 4 February 2018 at Studio Coast, the first event for Pancrase to use this venue. Studio Coast is famous for...

Ishiwatari, Syuri Kondo get big wins at Pancrase 287

Pancrase returned to the Differ Ariake in Tokyo on 28 May with two big champinship title on the line as part of Pancrase 287.