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Angel’s Fighting: MMA with a heart of gold

A small ballroom tucked away on the top level of a Seoul shopping mall seems an incongruous venue for a night of mixed martial arts.

Bae Myung-Ho gets a 30-second guillotine at Angel’s Fighting 8

At Angel's Fighting 8 on 15 October, welterweight champion Bae Myung-Ho earned a 30 second tap to a guillotine in a non-title match. Myung-Ho Bae...

Friday Fight Facts: Angel’s back in Korea

This weekend, Chinese kickboxers cross to MMA, the Japanese are overseas, One Pride continues its atomweight tournament, and Angel's Fighting is back. Glory of Heroes...

Friday Fight Facts: Bae Watch

This week's Friday Fight Facts - everybody's Bae is back! Bae Myung-Ho returns in Angel's Fighting 3, Glory of Heroes drags out the big guns...