Takedown Tuesday: Historic Pancrase 300, One Pride FN 23 knees and knockouts


Takedown Tuesday 23 October

This week’s Takedown Tuesday covers last weekend’s events from north to south, from Pancrase’s historic 300th event to One Pride’s latest night of knees and knockouts.

NeoFight 14

NeoFight 14 kicked off the weekend’s events in a beautiful outdoors setting on Saturday afternoon. The event was broadcast in Korea, but hasn’t been set for a foreign rebroadcast yet. As per the results announced in Korean, here is the translation of the winners: Kim Yong-Hee, Shuhei Higashi, Ko Seok-Hyeon, Myeong Jae-Wook, Kwon Won-Il, Oh Su-Hwan, and Ok Rae-Yoon.

Glory of Heroes 36

Glory of Heroes 36 brought out some young Chinese grappling talent and six out of seven finishes by submission. However, two of those submissions came against the kickboxing champions who made a foray into MMA: Muay Thai champion Qiu Jianliang got heel hooked by Kenneth Evensen, and Deng Zeqi had to tap to a rear naked choke by Alexandr Danilov.

Well-known Chinese grappler Cui Liucai was pushed very hard in the first round by Mukhiddin Kholov, and after three rounds the judges asked for over time. Cui’s gas tank had more left, and he worked top control to the decision win. Wang Jizheng, Shi Xiaoyu and Yin Shuai are all rookies who scored submission victories on the card – watch them closely. Leandro Rodrigues waited through He Nannan’s limited wrestling and overhand rights to make him tap to a triangle in the second.

One Pride FN 23 10/20

Late night on Saturday in One Pride FN 23, Indonesian Dede Barabas announced himself to the bantamweight division with a big knee to the liver knock out of Anton Kiki Sulistianang. Rudi Hartono grappled his way to a top position to get the TKO to pounding, and featherweight Frismo Tumilar also ground out his way to a TKO by referee stoppage.

On the submissions side, Rhizal Maikel Umboh rained down punches to open his opponent to a rear naked choke, and Epraim Ginting slammed his way to top position and also used elbows and punches to work into a back choke finish.

Pancrase 300

Sunday’s historic 300th numbered Pancrase event also celebrated the promotion’s 25 years in the MMA business. An instant classic between Takashi Sato and Matt Vaile capped off a 17-bouts deep card. Sato and Vaile were vying for the number one challenger spot at welterweight, yet they both delivered impressive payloads, never stalling, and both with knockdowns. Sato was able to get the dominant mount position where he earned a TKO. In the co main- Kyle Aguon and “Hanzo” Tanaka had exactly a round each showcasing their wrestling acumens, and a third very close round saw Aguon get the split decision win.

Bancho Takahashi also had to deal with a lot of grappling, not in his favor, but he timed an elbow for a cut on Lucio Abreu’s head that got an anticlimactic him a doctor’s stoppage. Hiroto Uesako also got a win by doctor stoppage in a bout that he admitted wasn’t exactly a thriller.

Noriyoshi Wada and TAG both got crazy face planting KO victories, while Yuta Nakamura finally pulled one over on a rookie with an armbar, and Shohei Masumizu took Taiki Akiba through a blitzkrieg to a decision win.

Notable fighters on the prelims bear watching, including Krazy Bee’s new prospect Tatsuki Okano delivered a beautiful spinning heel kick to KO, and Tsuyoshi Kosaka’s student Yohei Misawa who did good work from the top position against excellent grappler Kento Mizutani to earn the unanimous decision.


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